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Research Reports

Doctoral dissertation deals with the issue of solving insurance disputes and bank through the international trade arbitration
Wide and extensive research on international trade law in general and extensive research
I have been specifically in the field of insurance and bank and arbitration. There are also several arbitration cases in the United Arab Emirates
Arabic has been the referee.
Master’s thesis on the subject of comparative study of the nature of Credentials and Assurance Documents in Iranian Law –
America and the United States, which, given the growing trade and banking affairs, are having problems with our country.
Extensive research has also been conducted in this regard, especially with the problems and problems that have recently occurred in our country
It was stuck in the course of the boycott, in the course of time and afterwards, in order to prevent its issuance and its problems.
In the case of Credits and Guaranteed Documents by International Banks
Research on the Law on Bank Guarantees and Warranties
Printing and editing of articles in scientific and research journals and internationally – Two scientific and research papers and three articles on
London Research Paper and another article on Arbitration in the Journal of American Technology
Research on the rights of industries, oil and gas, maritime law, land transport rights and treaties
Air transport and customs procedures and rules, tariffs and trade agreements on public contracts
And its kinds.